Modern technology gave us hunting that is more accessible than ever before. But these advances take something away as well. Greg McHale will take you on foot and under human power to the hidden corners of Canada’s Yukon in pursuit of big game, adventure, and challenge, rediscovering the commitment our ancestors felt when heading out onto the land. Pitting himself against the elements and the terrain, Greg pushes his limits to show you the rewards and dangers of facing one’s fears and the wilderness.

Backcountry skills, an unwavering passion for the hunt and adventure racing toughness make McHale, unlike any hunting partner you’ve ever had. Join him as he breaks trail in Canada’s untamed north.

Greg’s team of fellow hunters and filmmakers will be pushing the boundaries of the genre with intimate and intense journeys into one of the few truly wild corners of North America remaining. Hunters and outdoorspeople alike will be enthralled with the breathtaking scenery, heart-stopping adventure and committed hunting.

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