March 15, 2017 Karl

Greg on the Beyond the Kill Podcast

Greg spoke with Adam Janke on this episode of the podcast Beyond the Kill. I’ve “gotten to know” Adam over the past couple of years as  I’ve listened to his podcast and read everything that has come out from the Journal of Mountain Hunting. Of course, I know Greg pretty well, too. It’s been on my radar for months to get Greg onto that podcast, and it finally came together a couple of weeks ago. Coincidentally, they grabbed pints down at the Sheep Show in Nevada this year.

As is normal on this podcast, these guys cover all kinds of topics. Want to know whether you’ll need a butt pad for glassing? Not sure if your Olympic-distance triathlon training is going to get you to your ram and back home? This episode will answer those questions for you.

Journal of Mountain Hunting logo

The Podcast

I’ve been listening to this podcast for over a year, and it’s an awesome way to connect with other mountain hunters. Adam and his guests dig into all kinds of topics. From logistics and gear, ethics and tactics, to the history and future of our passion. Adam brings an enthusiasm for hunting that is inspiring. The guests he has on are top-notch. There are a lot of great hunting podcasts out there, but this is one I don’t ever miss. You’ll be richer for having listened to this show (subscribe on iTunes here).

Want to know whether you’ll need a butt pad for glassing?

The Journal

I love about reading the monthly articles in the Journal. Adam brings in experts that are better at what they do than I am. I have something to learn from all of them, and there aren’t any duds doing the writing. Whether it’s a NightForce Optics employee discussing long-range shooting or a professional photographer giving some tips on photography, you can find articles that will bring you forwards in all aspects of hunting, and be the best hunter you can be.